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In the 1920s and 1930s, Broadway in New York City began to shift from being a home to commerce to a home to theatres. Now, Broadway theatres see around 1,500 theatrical productions annually, performed on stages large and small. This vibrant area of Manhattan is so well known for the arts that the word “Broadway” has become synonymous with musicals and theater.

The theatrical arts date back to ancient civilizations, when bards would memorize epic tales to sing. Drama and Comedy developed as cathartic tools to liven and lighten everyday burdens. The theatrical arts have now evolved to include varied genres, such as one act plays and musicals. The value of the theatrical arts in society is intrinsically connected to individual development of compassion and critical thinking. The value of theater cannot be quantified, but rather qualified—when you attend a theatrical performance, you are participating in a timeless art.

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