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Watching a live dance company perform can take the audience to another time and place. Dance can convey complex emotions, tell a story, and make people remember things they have not thought of in years or look at a situation or idea in a new way.

The dancers’ movements, music, costumes, scenery, and lighting all come together to tell a tale. They can take the audience along on an emotional journey to a far-off land or another time period. They can make the audience feel happy, sad, excited, or any of a whole range of other emotions.

Audience members are free to interpret dance in a way that is uniquely their own. Since dance relies so heavily on emotional expression, it can conjure up different feelings and memories for different people. Much of the beauty of dance lies in its ability to be interpreted in so many ways by each individual audience member.

Whether you enjoy ballet, jazz, ballroom dancing, hip hop, or any other form of dance, seeing it performed live in a theater by a professional dance company decked out in colorful costumes is a thrilling experience. Nothing compares to the beauty and excitement of a live dance performance.

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