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Stomp Off-Broadway

Since it debuted off-Broadway in 1994, Stomp has become a New York City institution. Its performers make percussive music with everyday objects, dance, and convey their personalities without a traditional storyline and dialogue. Stomp has had such a long run off-Broadway because of its universal message that is conveyed without words.

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Everyday Objects Become Musical Instruments

When audience members enter the Orpheum Theater, they find the performance space filled with all types of objects, including streetlights, subway signs, hubcaps, car fenders, scrap metal, and mannequins. The performers transform these everyday objects into musical instruments that they incorporate in dance routines.

The show begins with a performer dressed as a janitor sweeping the stage with a simple rhythm. Other performers with brooms join him, and together they create a rhythm that fills the theater. Other scenes incorporate objects as diverse as garbage cans, Zippo lighters, and even kitchen sinks.

Performers Communicate without Words

The cast members are dressed like construction workers, with worn out jeans and t-shirts and scuffed work boots held together with electrical tape. Although Stomp does not have any dialogue, there is something of a narrative created by the combination of sound, dance, and comedy.

The performers convey their own personalities, from serious to playful. They employ physical comedy to connect with audiences. Some make the audience laugh by shaking their hips or arching their eyebrows.

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Stomp is performed at the Orpheum Theater in the East Village. The show has won both Obie and Drama Desk Awards. The performance lasts one hour and 45 minutes with no intermission. Stomp is open to audience members aged 5 and up.

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