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On Your Feet! on Broadway Tickets

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The hit musical, On Your Feet!, tells the story of musician Gloria Estefan and her husband and manager, Emilio, and their rise to fame. Less than six months after the musical premiered in Chicago, it found its way to Broadway on the stage of the Marquis Theatre, nestled between Broadway and 8th Avenue in Manhattan. Hits from Gloria Estefan’s discography that nostalgic audience members will rejoice to hear again include “1, 2, 3,” “Conga,” and “Rhythm is Gonna Get You.” Audiences, whether nostalgic or not, can’t help but tap their feet to this energetic show.

Reviews of On Your Feet! on Broadway

“The recipe may be familiar, but the flavor is fresh in “On Your Feet!,” the undeniably crowd-pleasing musical about the lives of Emilio and Gloria Estefan…” – Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

“We all know exactly what elixir we’ve come for. And thankfully, the appropriate doses of delight are dispensed from the stage…” – Peter Marks, The Washington Post

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